What are KipBags?

KipBag - Help the homeless

KipBags are bags containing essential items that make sleeping rough a little more comfortable. Each KipBag - donated by YOU - contains a sleeping bag, toiletries, socks, hat, plasters and a homeless information pack.

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment that you've gone on a camping holiday - by yourself.

Now, imagine that someone has come along and taken everything away from you: your tent, your clothes, your wallet containing all your cards and money, your sleeping bag. Everything, including your dignity, hopes and dreams.

You don't have anywhere to go home to - that's also been taken away from you.

You're alone. You have no-one to turn to. You're hungry. You have no cash.

This paints a stark and hopeless picture, doesn't it?

Yet every day on Britain's streets, there are thousands of people in exactly that situation. Excluded from society, forced to fight for their lives, and struggling to cope with everyday living.

Our goal is to address the immediate need for comfort, shelter and dignity. The KipBag project aims to give to the homeless these every-day basics we all take for granted.

Essential items that provide warmth and dignity

If you think sleeping on your sofa is bad enough, you should try sleeping in the rain without any shelter or warmth. It strips away your dignity, and along with it your hope.

KipBags are packs of essential items that we give out to as many homeless people as we can. We include items that provide immediate relief for those with nothing, and include a sleeping bag, some toiletries, socks, and homeless information pack. See opposite for a full list of what we include in our packs.

KipBags can't eradicate homelessness, but by distributing them instead of handing out cash, we can help those who find themselves in a crisis.

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KipBags are bags containing essential items that make sleeping rough a little more comfortable. Each KipBag - donated by YOU - contains a sleeping bag, toiletries, socks, hat, plasters and a homeless information pack.

Chris Haycock, Co-Founder

How it works

Our purpose is simple: we want to get as many KipBags to those who need them. To do that we need your help:

  • Gift a KipBag today

    We've made it quick and easy to donate a KipBag. Just tell us how many KipBags you want to donate, and purchase them using secure payment by PayPal.

  • We assemble the KipBags

    When we reach multiples of 50 KipBags, we purchase all the items for the packs, and put them together, ready to distribute to the homeless.

  • We distribute the KipBags

    Our team choose one city each month to distribute the KipBags to. We scour the streets for homeless people, handing them out to those that need them.

  • We donate the excess

    If we find we have more KipBags than we need, we choose a homeless charity in the city and give them the remaining KipBags, ready for them to distribute where necessary.

Note: Everyone who is involved in KipBag does so completely voluntarily. Every single penny that KipBag makes goes into helping the homeless. We try to put around £1.50 aside from each KipBag donated to help us with our costs, including web hosting, distribution and raising awareness.
No-one at KipBag receives a salary.

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Homeless Person

Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite.

Most of us are lucky enough to snuggle up into our high-tog duvets when it's chilly at night. But for those sleeping rough on the streets of Britain it's a case of survival - for their lives.

Homelessness is a killer. The average life expectancy of a homeless male is just 47 years old (43 for homeless women). That's THIRTY YEARS less than the UK average.

We set up the KipBag to help these unfortunate people. KipBags are a pack of essential items designed to keep the homeless warm, clean and restore some of their dignity. But to do so, we need your help by donating one or more KipBags.

Sure, we know that by giving out KipBags we can't eradicate homelessness. But one thing is absolutely clear - these unfortunate people need immediate help in the form of comfort and warmth on cold, wet nights.

As a society we can't allow homeless people die on Britain's streets. Please help us play a small (but worthwhile) role for our society by helping us provide KipBags to the homeless, and to try to reduce the number of needless deaths.

You can help us to help them - please consider gifting a KipBag today.

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Together, we can all help the homeless.

KipBag - Help the homeless

Britain is a modern, progressive country, yet in the 21st century there is no right to shelter. Most single homeless people are not classed a priority for housing. Some people are still being turned away back on the streets.

Until the law is changed to force local councils to shelter every one of Britain's homeless, we shall continue to provide immediate assistance to those that need it - in the form of KipBags.

We all have a moral obligation to help those less fortunate than ourselves. After all, homelessness can happen to anyone - me, you or a member of your family. In most cases, people don't choose to be homeless. It's usually a combination of circumstance and a personal crisis. Homelessness does not discriminate - meaning it can affect any of us at any time.

Gifting a KipBag today means that you might be saving the life of a vulnerable person who has fallen on hard times. It's not much to ask, and we urge you to make a difference right now.

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