Governing Document


Our charity exists to raise money to buy, create and distribute 'KipBags' to homeless people who are in need of comfort, warmth and dignity.

Launched in September 2016, KipBag is run by a team of unpaid volunteers ('the committee' & 'trustees' - see opposite). Over the course of 2017 we aim to raise in excess of 2,000 KipBags and distribute them to homeless causes and charities across the UK, as well as distributing a small amount ourselves.

Each KipBag contains essential items that provide much-needed comfort, warmth and dignity, including:

  • A sleeping bag
  • Toiletries (and sanitary products)
  • Homeless information and advice
  • Warm clothing


KipBag exists to address the needs of vulnerable homeless people in the UK.

The ultimate aim is to distribute enough KipBags so that no-one is forced to sleep on Britain's streets without warmth and comfort.

  • To further these aims, the committee sets out to obtain, collect and receive money or funds by way of contributions, donations, grants and any other lawful method towards the aims of the charity.
  • Associate local authorities, voluntary organisations and the residents of the United Kingdom in a common effort to carry out the aims of the charity.
  • Do all such lawful things as will further the aims of the charity.


Chris Haycock
Eric Farrow
Amy Wood

A Management Committee elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall manage the Group.

The committee will meet at least two times each year to discuss operations, goals and fundraising ideas.

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