A huge shout out to Hookers and Clickers

Thanks to the generosity of a wonderful team of ladies who toil away with their knitting needles, we're able to reduce the cost of putting together our KipBags.

By: Chris Haycock, on 29 February 2020

I need to come clean.

I've been having a relationship with hookers.

Hookers and Clickers, actually.

This team of wonderful ladies, led by the equally amazing Joanne Brophy, have been toiling away knitting warm items of clothing for us to include in KipBags for the homeless from their bases across the country.

It's not just knitted items that they've sent us, but toiletries, first aid kits, soap, wipes, sanitary pads, and so much more.

Lots of it, as you can see from the photo.

An empty house this morning meant that I was finally able to unbox everything and organise the items. I was dumbfounded by the amount that they've sent us.

Thanks to these amazing ladies, we're now able to reduce the cost per KipBag, meaning we can get EVEN MORE of them out onto our cold, wet streets.

The more we give out, the more rough sleepers we can give warmth and comfort to.

On behalf of the KipBag team (me, Amy Wood, Eric Hewson, Graeme Hesketh and Becki Skingsley), thank all the Hookers and Clickers for their work and continued generosity.

Who are Hookers and Clickers?

What a fantastic name! Here's who Hookers and Clickers are, as explained by the team themselves:

In brief, Hookers & Clickers (do it for charity) was set up in September 2017. Joanne and Sonja, both from West Yorkshire run and manage the group and all its activities.

Hookers & Clickers ( do it for charity) has one aim. That is to connect like-minded people in an attempt to make the world just a little bit better. We do this by knitting and crocheting for various charities which change regularly.

We also like to meet for tea and cake (and the occasional cocktail!) and our Leeds Hook Ups are now famous for the copious amounts of cake we get through.

What an amazing team. For more information about the group, and to support them, visit their website at https://hookersandclickers.org.

Hookers and Clickers

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