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Royal Collaboration helps 1 in 8 Rough Sleepers

By: Chris Haycock, on 21 May 2020

We might be a tiny charity based in the pretty village of Gnosall in Staffordshire, but that doesn't mean we can't achieve something amazing. Our collaboration with The Duchess of York was something truly amazing.

A huge shout out to Hookers and Clickers

By: Chris Haycock, on 29 February 2020

Thanks to the generosity of a wonderful team of ladies who toil away with their knitting needles, we're able to reduce the cost of putting together our KipBags.

Four-season sleeping bag issue

By: Chris Haycock, on 26 November 2019

The latest batch of KipBags do not contain the usual four-season sleeping bag most suitable for cold winter nights. Chris explains why this is.

Homeless given 'meaningless advice' by councils

By: Chris Haycock, on 18 August 2016

There is evidence that the homeless are being given meaningless advice, and are being treated in a 'dismissive' and 'at times discriminatory' way. That's not good enough.

Michelin chef to cook for homeless in Edinburgh

By: Chris Haycock, on 16 August 2016

Here's a fantastic gesture by top chef Martin Wishart. He's going to be whipping up a culinary delight for the homeless in Edinburgh.

Personal speech about homelessness

By: Chris Haycock, on 04 August 2016

A few weeks ago I was asked by FTSE 100 Mentor Moe Nawaz to give a speech about my experiences with homelessness. Here's a transcript, which tells my story.

First KipBag trustees named

By: Chris Haycock, on 29 July 2016

Following on from early discussions, the names of the first KipBag trustees has been announced.

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