Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite.

Most of us are lucky enough to snuggle up into our high-tog duvets when it's chilly at night. But for those sleeping rough on the streets of Britain it's a case of survival - for their lives.

Homelessness is a killer. The average life expectancy of a homeless male is just 47 years old (43 for homeless women). That's THIRTY YEARS less than the UK average.

We set up the KipBag to help these unfortunate people. KipBags are a pack of essential items designed to keep the homeless warm, clean and restore some of their dignity. But to do so, we need your help by donating one or more KipBags.

Sure, we know that by giving out KipBags we can't eradicate homelessness. But one thing is absolutely clear - these unfortunate people need immediate help in the form of comfort and warmth on cold, wet nights.

As a society we can't allow homeless people die on Britain's streets. Please help us play a small (but worthwhile) role for our society by helping us provide KipBags to the homeless, and to try to reduce the number of needless deaths.

You can help us to help them - please consider gifting a KipBag today.

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Together, we can all help the homeless.

KipBag - Help the homeless

Britain is a modern, progressive country, yet in the 21st century there is no right to shelter. Most single homeless people are not classed a priority for housing. Some people are still being turned away back on the streets.

Until the law is changed to force local councils to shelter every one of Britain's homeless, we shall continue to provide immediate assistance to those that need it - in the form of KipBags.

We all have a moral obligation to help those less fortunate than ourselves. After all, homelessness can happen to anyone - me, you or a member of your family. In most cases, people don't choose to be homeless. It's usually a combination of circumstance and a personal crisis. Homelessness does not discriminate - meaning it can affect any of us at any time.

Gifting a KipBag today means that you might be saving the life of a vulnerable person who has fallen on hard times. It's not much to ask, and we urge you to make a difference right now.

What are KipBags?

KipBags are self-contained packs of essential items that can save the lives of those sleeping on our streets.

Each KipBag contains a sleeping bag, toiletries, homeless information pack, socks, hat, comb, plasters and wetwipes.

KipBags won't eradicate homelessness, but will provide much needed comfort, warmth and safety to the less fortunate.

Look inside a KipBag

KipBag Contents

Each month we distribute all the KipBags to selected homeless charities across the UK. Our next deliveries are:

  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • London

We need volunteers to help us to help the homeless.

Do you have an hour or two a month where you can help us?

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Warmth, comfort, dignity

When you donate a KipBag you're giving someone warmth, comfort and health.

A KipBag is a package of essential items that are given to those who are sleeping rough on our streets. The sleeping bag provides relative comfort at night, the hat and socks keeps them warm, and a few toiletries help to keep them clean.

From our Trustees

  • Please help us to distribute more than 3,500 KipBags to homeless people across the UK. Homelessness can affect us at any time of our lives - do something wonderful and help those in need today.

  • Each KipBag costs just £15 - that's the same price as a few drinks down your local pub. Do something amazing and help us to keep someone warm and comfortable tonight.

  • We know we can't rid society of homelessness ourselves, but we can make it a fraction more bearable by giving KipBags to those without warmth during the night. Please help us.

By donating a KipBag today you'll be providing warmth, comfort and dignity for a vulnerable person. Please donate now and make a difference.

Our Team

Our team of three volunteers are from all walks of life, but have one thing in common - we all share a passion for helping the homeless.

Our volunteers are also our official trustees. We are just that - volunteers. We do not get paid for the work we do for KipBag, and we don't get any dividends from any profits.

Chris Haycock

Chris Haycock


Chris is the Managing Director of digital publishing company CliqTo. Having experienced homelessness personally, Chris now spends some of his time helping feed the homeless in Birmingham, and is the founding member of KipBag.

Eric Farrow

Eric Farrow


Eric spends many hours each week working tirelessly towards making the lives of the homeless more bearable. Along with co-founding KipBag, Eric helps to feed the homeless and needy in Birmingham city centre each week, whilst running a successful printing company.

Amy Wood

Amy Wood


Amy has been passionate about helping the homeless in her home town of Liverpool, having been a valuable member of the team that ran White Christmas - a project that feeds the homeless, aged and needy on Christmas Day. Amy is an Account Director at an well-known automotive company.

Graeme Hesketh

Graeme Hesketh


Graeme is our newest member of the KipBag team, joining us in March 2018. Graeme has previously volunteered his time and efforts to help distribute KipBags to organisations in the Shropshire area, and will make a valuable addition to our team.

Amy Wood

Becki Skingsley


Becki has a significant amount of experience in fundraising for many different charities across the UK. A valuable member of our growing team, Becki will be helping to pack (with the help of her children!) and distribute KipBags across the Midlands area.

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